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                                     Compositions ( Bonds )

Our original DURAMEDIA® line of standard bond ceramic media has evolved through 130 years of experience, expertise and innovation. Comprehensive and flexible, it enables you to match media composition, density, shape and size to your exact mass finishing requirements.


An extremely hard, fine grained, abrasive-free media. For burnishing, polishing, light deburring and driving loose abrasives. Exceptional impact resistance for a media of its hardness. (85 lbs./cu.ft)

A versatile, general purpose, mildly abrasive media. Combines low media wear rate with reasonable metal removal rate. For a fine finish and (with proper compounding) burnishing. (90 lbs./cu.ft.)

A high performance cutting, deburring and surface improvement media. For fast metal removal and a fine finish with medium wear rate. (95 lbs./cu.ft.)

An extremely fast cutting media for rapid cut down, radiusing, deburring and surface improvement. A larger quantity of the same fine fused aluminum oxide used in D20 and D30 provides similar fine finishes at a faster rate. Maximum metal removed in minimum time. (100 lbs./cu.ft.)

A relatively fast wearing, fast cutting silicon carbide media. Recommended for use where exposure to aluminum oxide cannot be tolerated. For use on cemented carbides, high alumina ceramics, and on parts to be welded or brazed in a later operation. (90 lbs./cu.ft.) This is a specialty product and is available in many shapes and sizes on a made-to-order basis only.

An efficient, fast cutting media for use in all types of mass finishing equipment. This media is extremely durable when used in a rugged application. (Approx. 100 lbs./cu.ft.)

An extremely dense and durable ceramic media offering exceptional wear resistance. Excellent for use in chemically accelerated processes and high-energy mass finishing applications – cutting steps and improving cycle times. Its fine crystalline structure yields superior body strength and fracture resistance with minimal chipping. Ideally suited for caustic and acid deburring agents. Applications include light burr removal, radius formation, driving loose abrasives, final surface finishing and burnishing. (Approx. 120 lbs./cu.ft.) This is a specialty product and is available in many shapes and sizes on a made-to-order basis only.

Used in traditional vibratory applications which use water and compound. DURAMEDIA®120C provides you with the benefits of a high density media, blended with a prescribed concentration of abrasive to effectively and efficiently cut and remove metal in applications where chemical accelerants are not used, while providing extended wear characteristics. The effects of increased weight (mass), in combination with the proper concentration of abrasive will reduce your customers’ cycle time and reduce media usage. The net result – overall process savings. DURAMEDIA®120C is available on a made-to-order basis and is available in most existing shapes and sizes.

This is a sintered media utilizing the same composition as our DURALUM®XM. It is now available in preforms for applications where size and shape are critical. It is excellent for low surface finishes, burnishing or as a driver for loose abrasives. (Approx. 140 lbs./cu.ft.) This is a specialty product and is available in many shapes and sizes on a made-to-order basis only.

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