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                            VIBRATORY AND TUMBLING MEDIA

              Tumbling Nuggets

XA and XM
Hard, durable and extremely dense ceramic nuggets. Fast cutting, long wearing and impact resistant over a wide range of demanding applications.


The ideal tumbling nugget – dense, tough, and free-cutting. A true micro-crystalline fused aluminum oxide abrasive. Its solid structure, super-fine crystal size and carefully controlled chemistry (including titanium dioxide) make it strong and durable. With proper compounding, XA is an excellent burnishing media. It is produced in our Niagara Falls fusion plant by a unique “chill cast” process.
(Approx. 145 lbs/cu.ft.)

A “coloring” abrasive. A sintered ceramic tumbling nugget with exceptional properties. Principally used in mass finishing burnishing applications, XM can also be used for light burr removal, radius formation, and is an effective driver for loose abrasives in cut and color operations. XM’s hardness, toughness and fine crystalline structure make it one of the best products available for developing a lustrous high color burnish on all types of ferrous metals, brass and aluminum. It will outlast competitive ceramic and steel media. XM is sized closely and uniformly to minimize lodging. It will not rust and therefore can be stored wet or dry. (Approx. 140-150 lbs./cu.ft.)

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