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Liquid Compound Delivery Systems



Liquid Compound System


This system automatically mixes and dispenses very accurate amounts of compound solution into the vibratory machine


  • Compound injection pump with gallons per hour flow meter
  • On/off switch, 120 volt water line solenoid valve
  • Weighted and filtered compound concentrate supply tube
  • All tubing,wiring,fittings
  • All components are conveniently assembled onto a steel bracket
  • This unit can be supplied with flow meter ranges from 0-5 to 0-60 GPH
  • This unit can be supplied with a manifold for supplying compound solution to multiple machines.

    The unit shown is bolted to a machine console stand, and electrically tied into the vibratory machine motor on off circuit.




    This system operates on water pressure. The float opens and closes a valve. Compound concentrate is siphoned through a mixing tip, mixed with water, and delivered into the tank. The submersible pump delivers the solution to the vibratory machine.


  • Compound proportioner and (5) different mixing tips to adjust dilution ratio of compound and water
  • Submersible pump, 120 volt, three prong plug
  • Valve assembly for adjusting solution flow to your machine.
  • 30 gallon poly tank and lid
  • 10' of tubing to attach to your machine
  • Deburring Compound Delivery System



    Submersible Pump


    This unit is used for recirculating compound solution into the vibratory machine

  • Submersible pump,valve assembly and 10' tubing

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